Straight from the heart of Italy, Rome, to sunny Florida, Focaccia has ‘imported’ pizza like you’ve never had before.

Pizza al Taglio {Tah-LeeOh} or ‘Pizza by the Slice’ originated in Rome, Italy, where the hustle and bustle of a growing city started to influence the eating habits of its citizens. Specially selected flours & unique techniques come together to create our long-rise, all natural dough that is left to rise for up to 72hours. Result being a highly digestible, light and fragrant pizza!

Along with an awesome selection of pizza, Focaccia offers other renowned items you would expect to find in eateries throughout Italy. From regionally inspired panini, to irresistible meat&cheese platters to pair with a bottle of wine, to local favorite desserts like ‘gelato affogato’.

Stop by, relax and enjoy the closest experience you will have to Italian street food this side of the atlantic.